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Merciful nature of Prophet Mohammad (saw) towards children-2
Assalam olaikum,
If Prophet Mohammad (saw) came across some children playing around, he used to greet them with a salam, show affection towards them and gift them with the fruit that would be available in that part of the year.
When Prophet Mohammad (saw) used to return after wars people and children used to rejoice. They would come out of their homes to welcome Prophet Mohammad (saw). Our Dear Prophet (saw) used to give children a ride on the camels back.
Hazrat Anas (ra)’s mother, who was a widow, came to Prophet Mohammad (saw) and requested him to keep her son under his guidance. Prophet Mohammad (saw) obliged her and Hazrat Anas (ra) got the opportunity to serve our Dear Prophet. Allah (swt) was so pleased with hi that he is considered as a great Sahaba or Companions of the Prophet (saw). During his childhood he used to serve the Prophet (saw) in numerous ways such as delivering messages of our Dear Prophet (saw) to people and running household errands such as bringing water for our Dear Prophet (saw) to perform ablution. If Hazrat Anas (ra) ever did some mistake our Dear Prophet (saw) never used to rebuke him. Instead, he stopped others from rebuking Hazrat Anas (ra) as well.

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