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The superiority of Al-Quran -2

Assalam oalaikum
2. The subject-matter of the earlier Divine Books had been limited to prayers, historical events, moral values and advice. On the other hand, Al-Quran deals with a plethora of subjects which is mind-boggling and unprecedented. For example: Quran deals with subjects such as oceanography, embryology, astronomy, meteorology and geology. Quran describes the natural phenomena in these fields with precision. It has taken mankind nearly 1400 years to understand clearly and also to probe with the help of science and technology what the Quran has to say. The verses of the Holy Quran dealing with different scientific aspects have left the scientists amazed. It is very hard to believe that how did Prophet Mohammad (saw), (who was unlettered) come to know that the origin of the earth and heavens were pretty much the same. According to Yushidi Kusan, Director of the Tokyo Observatory the Quran portrays the universe from the highest observation point as every thing is clear and distinct. He also said that the Divine Quran can guide his future investigations about the universe. Professor Tejatat Tejasen accepted Islam during the 8th Saudi Medical conference, held in Riyadh. So we find that Quran has dealt with topics ranging between the creation of this universe from a cloud of smoke till the signs of the Doomsday. The Quran describes the Doomsday in 21:104 in the following way, ‘The day when We will fold the heaven lik the folding of a (written) sheet fro the records. As We began the first creation, We shall repeat it’.
The earlier Divine Books were not so comprehensive. (Allah knows best)

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18 Al-Kahf (The Cave),سورة الكهف
38 Saad (The Letter Saad),سورة ص
41 Fussilat (Explained In Detail),سورة فصلت
50 Qaf (The Letter Qaf),سورة ق
67 Al-Mulk (The Sovereignty),سورة الملك
68 Al-Qalam (The Pen),سورة القلم
69 Al-Haaqqah (The Reality),سورة الحاقة
70 Al-Maarij (The Ascending Stairways),سورة المعارج
71 Nuh (Nooh),سورة نوح
72 Al-Jinn (The Jinn),سورة الجن
73 Al-Muzzammil (The Enshrouded One),سورة المزمل
74 Al-Muddaththir (The Man Wearing A Cloak),سورة المدثر
75 Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection),سورة القيامة
76 Al-Insan (The Man),سورة الإنسان
77 Al-Mursalat (The Emissaries),سورة المرسلات

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