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18 Al-Kahf (The Cave),سورة الكهف
32 As-Sajdah (The Prostration),سورة السجدة

The Paras and Manzils of Al-Quran
Assalam oalaikum,
So far we have discussed about the Ayaat, Rukus, Surahs and reading Tasmiyah before the Surahs. Now let us move on to the Paras, Manzils and Ahzab.
Paras are referred to as Ajzaa (singular- Juz), in Arabic and it means parts.
After the Sahaaba (ra) the Ulema had divided Al- Quran into thirty nearly equal parts. Each part is known as a Juz or Para. The reason of this division was to make the memorizing and learning of Al- Quran convenient for the children.
The Sahaaba (ra) and the Tabi'een (successors) used to make a khatam of Al- Quran every week regularly. For such weekly completions they specified a fixed number of Surahs which were recited daily. This fixed number of Surah was named as Hizb or Manzil. In this way the whole Al-Quran was divided into seven manzils.
First manzil has 3 Surahs
Second manzil has 5 surahs
Third manzil has 7 surahs
Fourth manzil has 9 surahs
Fifth manzil has11 surahs
Sixth manzil has 13 surahs
Seventh manzil is from Surah Qaaf till the end.
If one manzil is read daily then the entire Quran can be completed in a weak.

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