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Islam is a religion of peace – 17
Assalam olaikum,
The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb has been castigated as an anti-Hindu, who imposed jizya tax on Hindus, who converted them forcibly to Islam, demolished Hindu temples to name just a few.
Unfortunately, this information about Aurangzeb is nothing but a cunning distortion of history to spread malice against Islam and its peaceful followers. Here are some truths about Aurangzeb’s administration which have been conveniently hidden:
His military commander-in-chief was a Hindu.
His state policy was formulated by Hindus too
The highest ranks in the State Treasury were held by two Hindus
When some Muslims doubted the prudence of his decisions of appointing Hindus to high positions he simply silenced them by saying that he was following the Shariah injunctions which states that the right people should be appointed to the right ranks.
During his 50 year long rule, Hindus such as Jaswant Singh, Raja Rajrup etc held high the highest administrative posts.
Raja Vim Singh, Indra Singh etc were in command of huge garrisons ranging between 2-5 thousand soldiers.
It is a matter of common sense that if Aurangzeb was a cruel, anti-Hindu king, as he is made out to be, why would he take the risk of appointing Hindu commanders in his army since they could easily rebel against him. (contd)

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1 Al-Fatiha (The Opening), سورة الفاتحة
23 Al-Muminun (The Believers),سورة المؤمنون
25 Al-Furqan (The Criterion),سورة الفرقان
47 Muhammad (Muhammad),سورة محمد
49 Al-Hujraat (The Rooms),سورة الحجرات
50 Qaf (The Letter Qaf),سورة ق
55 Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent, The Mercy Giving),سورة الرحمن
62 Al-Jumua (The Congregation, Friday),سورة الجمعة
63 Al-Munafiqoon (The Hypocrites),سورة المنافقون
68 Al-Qalam (The Pen),سورة القلم
69 Al-Haaqqah (The Reality),سورة الحاقة
70 Al-Maarij (The Ascending Stairways),سورة المعارج
71 Nuh (Nooh),سورة نوح
74 Al-Muddaththir (The Man Wearing A Cloak),سورة المدثر
76 Al-Insan (The Man),سورة الإنسان
81 At-Takwir (The Overthrowing),سورة التكوير
85 Al-Burooj (The Mansions Of The Stars),سورة الإنشقاق
87 Al-Ala (The Most High),سورة الأعلى
88 Al-Ghashiyah (The Overwhelming),سورة الغاشية
89 Al-Fajr (The Dawn),سورة الفجر
91 Ash-Shams (The Sun),سورة الشمس
92 Al-Lail (The Night),سورة الليل
93 Ad-Dhuha (The Morning Hours),سورة الضحى
94 Al-Inshirah (The Relief),سورة الشرح
95 At-Tin (The Fig, The Figtree),سورة التين
96 Al-Alaq (The Clot, Recite),سورة العلق
97 Al-Qadr (Power, Fate),سورة القدر
99 Az-Zalzalah (The Earthquake),سورة الزلزلة
107 Al-Ma'un (The Small Kindnesses),سورة الماعون
110 An-Nasr (Succour, Divine Support),سورة النصر
114 Al-Nas (Mankind),سورة الناس

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