Recitation By Ibraheem bin Abdullah Albdaiwi

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33 Al-Ahzab (The Clans, The Combined Forces),سورة الأحزاب
34 Saba (Saba, Sheba),سورة سبأ
35 Fatir (Orignator),سورة فاطر
36 Ya-Seen (Ya-seen),سورة يس

The advice of Hakim Luqman to his sons (part-11)
Assalam oalaikum,
Research also showed that the most effective way of releasing the harmful electromagnetic waves from our body to the ground is by facing the geographical center of the earth and Kaaba happens to be the geographical center of earth
Hence, we find that science has also explored the plethora of benefits which we can derive from salaah.
Besides being an act of worship, Namaz can also provide Muslims with physical and emotional well-being. Studies have shown that offering 5 times namaz, daily can prevent osteoporosis because the regular body movements help in strengthening the muscles and joints and increase the flexibility of the body.
Furthermore, recurring joint movements during namaz facilitates proper blood circulation. It also improves lubrication of the joints, thereby checking the early onset of arthritis.
There are many more benefits of namaz from the viewpoint of religion as well as health and fitness.
However, for a Momin, namaz is a sacred ritual through which he enters into a communion with his Creator, Allah (swt) in a pure state. Therefore, Hakim Luqman had especially instructed his son to offer namaz regularly.

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