Recitation By Majed Al-Enezi

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17 Al-Isra (Night Journey,Children of Israel), سورة الإسراء
18 Al-Kahf (The Cave),سورة الكهف
31 Luqman (Luqman),سورة لقمان
32 As-Sajdah (The Prostration),سورة السجدة
34 Saba (Saba, Sheba),سورة سبأ
53 An-Najm (The Star),سورة النجم

The obligation of respecting Al-Qur’an-4
Assalam olaikum,
While reading Al-Qur’an it should be placed at a slightly raised position such as a wooden stand to show respect towards it.
The reader should read it fast only if he or she wishes to learn it by heart.
Talking to others while reciting Quran is not deemed proper. If there is some urgency then one should talk after closing the Qur’an. Before continuing the recitation, Ta’awwudh, i.e. Audhu billahi min ash-shaitani r-
rajim or seeking Allah’s refuge against Satan should be first recited.
Reading in a low voice is appreciated so as to not disturb others. Otherwise reading loudly is more commendable.
One’s clothes should be clean.
Quran should be recited daily. Narrated Sayid Khudri (ra), that Prophet Mohammad (saw) said: “Give the eyes their share of Ibadat (worship). Sahabah (ra) asked as to what was the share of eyes in worship? Prophet Mohammad (saw) said that the share of eyes is to look at the Qur’an” (Qurtubi). In another hadith, Prophet Mohammad (saw) said, “Better worship of my Ummah is to recite the Qur’an while looking at it.” (Qurtubi).

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