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3 Al-Imran (The Family of Imran),سورة آل عمران

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Foods mentioned in Quran-1

Assalam oalaikum

Besides Quran, there are many foods which have been mentioned in the ahadith as well.

If a man dies and honey is found within him, fire will not touch his body [i.e., he will be immune from the burning of hell]." Hadith

Let us analyze this hadith. We know for sure that Allah (swt) is self-sufficient. The Quran says that, ‘Allah the self-sufficient master, whom all the creation needs. (TMQ- Surah Iqhlaas, chapter# 112, verse# 2).

Certainly it is only the person who dies and honey is found in his body will get the benefit, i.e. Jannah. This hadith establishes a link between consuming honey and entering Jannah. If Allah (swt) promises Jannah to such a person it just goes to how merciful He is! Allah (swt) has encouraged us in a beautiful and subtle manner to make honey an integral part of our diet because Allah (swt) being All-knowing, has the knowledge about the healing properties of honey. Many such properties are still unknown to man and may be discovered in the years to come.
So Allah (swt) and His dear Prophet (saw) have tried to encourage mankind to eat those foods which have great health benefits for mankind. This sounds similar to a loving mother who tries to lure her child in to eating something that is healthy by offering the child something of his/her interest.
In some other examples Prophet Muhammad (saw) has encouraged us to
In a hadith Prophet Mohammad (saw) said that ‘For there is no house in which honey is kept that the angels shall not ask for mercy’. This is another example in which the Messenger of Allah (swt) has lovingly encouraged his Ummah to always keep honey in their homes.
(Allah knows best)

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