Recitation By Mohammad Taha

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50 Qaf (The Letter Qaf),سورة ق
53 An-Najm (The Star),سورة النجم

55 Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent, The Mercy Giving),سورة الرحمن
68 Al-Qalam (The Pen),سورة القلم
69 Al-Haaqqah (The Reality),سورة الحاقة
75 Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection),سورة القيامة

The sources of Tafseer or the interpretation of the Qur’an-3
Assalam oalaikum,
2. The Sahabah (ra) or Companions of Prophet Mohammad (saw) understood that no other human interpretation of the Quran can be given precedence over that of Prophet Mohammad (saw). Hence, whenever the Sahabah (ra) were in doubt about the meaning of any Quranic verse, they always used to turn to the Prophet (saw) for explanation. In fact, most of the minute details of Namaz, Zakaat, Sawm, Hajj, Laws of inheritance etc had been explained either by Prophet Mohammad’s (saw) statements or by the practical demonstrations, i.e. the Sunnah.
Therefore, the Prophet's explanations of Qur'an have been referred to as the Tafseer of Al-Qur'an by the Sunnah. Here are a few examples:
"For those who have done righteous deeds is the reward of Paradise and more." [Soorah Yoonus (10): 26]
The Prophet (saw) explained the word 'more' in the above mentioned Quranic verse as ‘looking at the Face of Allah (swt) the Most High. The Prophet (saw) said: "When those deserving of Paradise would enter Paradise, the Blessed and the Exalted would ask: 'Do you wish Me to give you anything more?' They would reply: Have You not brightened our faces? Have You not made us enter Paradise and saved us from Fire? He (the narrator) said: (He Allah) would lift the veil, and of things given to them nothing would be dearer to them than the sight of their Lord, the Mighty and the Glorious." [Saheeh Muslim number 347]

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Unknown said...

Thanks a lot, Jazakumullah koiron katsiron..

ridhosay said...

assalamualaikum borther, do you have muhammad thaha recitation surah ali imran and al maidaah ?

Sadiq Odho said...

Masha'Allah. Allah blessed him nice voice.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a nice voice Allah has given may He increase his knowledge......i pray for your long life and prosperity

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What a nice and great voice Allah has given him....may He increase you in knowledge.....

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May Allah increase you in have got a nice voice

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Masha Allah mayHe grant you more knowledge

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