Recitation By Sapinah Mamat (From Malaysia)

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3 Al-Imran (The Family of Imran),سورة آل عمران

14 Ibrahim (Abraham),سورة ابراهيم
21 Al-Anbiya (The Prophets),سورة الأنبياء
22 Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage, The Hajj),سورة الحج

Islam is a religion of peace – 25

Assalam olaikum,
As far as Quran is concerned its importance is much greater amongst all the Holy Books revealed by Allah (swt). For this simple reason, Allah (swt) has himself promised to protect it and till date, not a single discrepancy has crept into the Holy Quran
Though the Holy Bible is a Divine Book too but the presence of so many inconsistencies in it prove that Allah (swt) never meant to keep it intact like the Holy Quran, which will remain in its original form till the end of this world.
Instead of accepting what is mentioned in the Holy Quran or at least coming to common terms that exist between them and the Muslims, the critics of Islam prefer to desecrate the Word of God. Time and again news such has been doing the rounds throughout the world:
The pastor in the Anglican Church in the US state Florida church burnt copies of the Holy Quran.
US troops in Afghanistan burnt some copies of the Holy Quran.
A US sniper used a copy of the Holy Quran for target practice.
There are many more such news items which show how meaningless and cruel such people are. By burning copies of Quran they are, in fact, burning the message of the Creator.
Has any Muslim taken revenge by burning Holy Bible in a Mosque? The answer is ‘No’. This is because Muslims are peace-loving people and Islam is a religion of peace. Moreover, Muslims have sense that desecrating any Divine Book is a grave sin.

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