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50 Qaf (The Letter Qaf),سورة ق
51 Adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds),سورة الذاريات
52 At-Tur (The Mount),سورة الطور
53 An-Najm (The Star),سورة النجم

The obligations of a Qari-2
Assalam olaikum,
In another hadith Abdullah b Masood (ra) says: “Qari-Qur’an (the specialist in reciter of Qur’an) should distinguish himself from those people who are sleeping by remaining awake till late in night, by weeping from those who are laughing, by keeping quiet from those who are gossiping, by humility from the arrogant and by remaining thoughtful from those who are enjoying.”
Hadhrat Abdullah b Umar (ra) says: Qari-Qur’an should not gossip like others.
These ahadith show that the qari has to maintain his dignity by following certain norms, which are as follows:
He should have a forgiving nature and should be kind to others for the simple reason that he has the entire treasure of Al-Qur’an in his chest.
He should talk and laugh in moderation.
He should be humble.
He should not indulge in petty quarrels or useless arguments.
He should be helpful towards his brethren.
He should spread knowledge of the Qur’an.
He should set high morals for himself.
It is his moral duty to lead his life according to the Qur’an and he should also try his best to understand the Qur’an.

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