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Dots and harkats in Al-Quran-3
Assalam oalaikum,
It has been reported that 'Abdu'l-Malik ibn Marwan instructed the dots to be added. This task was undertaken by al-Hajjaj, in Wasit, who commanded the governor of Iraq, al-Hasan, and Yahya ibn Ya'mur to alter the formation of the harkats and to utilize the dots for their original function, i.e. to show the various kinds of letters.
From such evidences we find that great efforts have gone into making the Quran readable to the entire world. It is mainly due to these efforts that even those people who cannot understand a single word of Arabic can easily read the Holy Quran.
This great and amazing fact is in tandem with Allah (swt)’s promise to the mankind. Allah (swt) says: "We have without doubt, sent down the message and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption.)" (15:9)
Quran is undoubtedly recited by our tongues, preserved in the hearts of many and written in the copies of the Qur'an. Till date it is free of any addition or modification in its words and letters and shall remain protected forever.

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12 Yusuf (Joseph),سورة يوسف
13 Ar-Ra'd (The Thunder), سورة الرعد
18 Al-Kahf (The Cave),سورة الكهف
35 Fatir (Orignator),سورة فاطر
36 Ya-Seen (Ya-seen),سورة يس
37 As-Saaffat (Those Who Set The Ranks),سورة الصافات
50 Qaf (The Letter Qaf),سورة ق
54 Al-Qamar (The Moon),سورة القمر
55 Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent, The Mercy Giving),سورة الرحمن
56 Al-Waqia (The Event, The Inevitable),سورة الواقعة
67 Al-Mulk (The Sovereignty),سورة الملك
68 Al-Qalam (The Pen),سورة القلم
69 Al-Haaqqah (The Reality),سورة الحاقة
70 Al-Maarij (The Ascending Stairways),سورة المعارج
71 Nuh (Nooh),سورة نوح
72 Al-Jinn (The Jinn),سورة الجن
73 Al-Muzzammil (The Enshrouded One),سورة المزمل
74 Al-Muddaththir (The Man Wearing A Cloak),سورة المدثر
75 Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection),سورة القيامة
76 Al-Insan (The Man),سورة الإنسان
77 Al-Mursalat (The Emissaries),سورة المرسلات

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