Recitation By Mohammad bin Ibraheem Shalan

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28 Al-Qasas (The Stories),سورة القصص
29 Al-Ankabut (The Spider),سورة العنكبوت

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The sources of Tafseer or the interpretation of the Qur’an-2
Assalam oalaikum,
2. Tafseer of Al-Qur'an by the Sunnah: The authentic Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (saw) is the next important source of tafseer. The Sunnah explains Al- Qur'an because the Sunnah is also given to Prophet Mohammad (saw) through Wahi, just like the Qur'an. On many instances Prophet Mohammad (saw) has provided further clarification to many verses of Al- Qur'an because he was not only commanded to pass on the words of the Al-Qur'an but also to explain their meaning.
Prophet Mohammad (saw) was entrusted with the responsibility of explaining the Qur'an by Allah (swt). Allah (swt) said in Soorah an-Nahl (16): 44 : "You should explain to people what has been sent down to them."
It goes without saying that Prophet Mohammad (saw) is the most knowledgeable regarding the intended meaning of Allah (swt) because revelation of Al-Qur'an includes its meaning. Allah (swt) says in Soorah al-Qiyaamah (75):19: "Verily, collecting the Qur'an and reciting it to you is Our responsibility, so if We read it to you, listen to it. Then, We will explain it."
In the second part of the above mentioned Quranic verse, Allah's (swt) promise to elucidate the Qur'an ("Verily, We will explain it") stands for the Sunnah because it is based on guidance from Allah (swt). Thus, Prophet Mohammad (saw) said:
"Know that I have been given the Qur'an and something like it (namely the sunnah)." (Ahmad vol.4 no.131: Sunan Abu Dawood)
And Allah (swt) said about him in Sooarh An-Najm (53): 3-4: "Indeed, he does not speak out of desire but verily it is a revelation sent down to him"
As a result, no other human interpretation can be given priority over that of Prophet Mohammad (saw).
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