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Can ruqyah cure black magic? Part-1
Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem

Assalam oalaikum,
Ruqyah has been described as a healing formula (used by a person who has been distressed by diseases such as poisoning, jinn possession etc) which comprises of prayers and light spitting. (Ibn Atheer)
This shows that apart from general sickness, evil eye affliction and problem of envy/hasad ruqyah healing is also effective for treating problems related to jinn possessions/ black magic.
There are many ahadith which show that Prophet Mohammad used to do Ruqyah by reciting Surah Naas and Surah Falaq to seek protection of Allah. Narrated Hazrat Ayesha (r.a) that before going to sleep Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) used to recite Suras Ikhlaas, Falaq, Naas and blow onto the palms powerfully so that some of his saliva would drop on them and then he would rub them over his body three times starting from the front of the face.(Bukhari, Muslim)
This shows that doing ruqyah with Surah Falaq and Naas is a Sunnah.
Surah Falaq (The Daybreak) and Surah Naas (Mankind) are closely related and their contents also resemble each other. Hence, they have been assigned a common name “Mu'awwidhatayn” [the two verses in which protection with Allah (swt) has been sought].
In order to be sure whether Ruqyah can be a source of healing for black magic or not we will have to understand the conditions under which these two Surahs were revealed on our Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) As soon as the Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) began to preach the message of Islam, he had to faced the opposition and animosity from several quarters. As the message of Islam spread the disbelieving Quraish also became his strong opponents. They got completely disappointed when Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) refused to compromise with them in the matter of faith. The non-believers could not digest the fact that more and more people had begun to accept Islam whole-heartedly. They began to curse Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) and even started conspiring to kill the Prophet secretly at night so that the Bani Hashim could not get hold of the murderer and take revenge. Ploys such as magic and charms were used on Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) in order to kill him or make him fall ill or become insane. (To be continued)

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