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Al-Tibb-al-Nabawi (The Prophetic medicine) – 8
Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem


Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.s.) used to drink a glass of honey and water
each morning on an empty stomach. After Fajr and after Ishraq, Prophet
Mohammad (s.a.w.s.) would drink a cup of warm water in which a spoon
of honey had been dissolved. The Sahaabaa and their families (ra) used
to follow the Prophet (saw).
Initially people could not understand the logic behind this drink and
some thought that maybe Prophet Mohammad (saw) liked the taste of
honey. However, today modern scientists have found that the single
dissolved spoon of honey in warm water equals to 90 calories. It gives
a person the energy to start his day well. When the structure of this
drink was studied it was discovered that the honey reacts with water
in such a way that the whole cup of water turns into honey. Definitely
this will increase the amount of calories manifolds. When there was
not enough amount of honey Prophet Mohammad showed the Sahaaba (ra)
that one spoon of honey is tantamount to ten spoons when it is
dissolved. After having honey, at around 11:am Prophet Mohammad (saw)
used to drink one cup of milk with seven dates.
Some experiments were conducted by Egyptians scientists to understand
the benefits of eating dates with milk. They found to their amazement
that a very powerful blue light emanates from the stomach up to the
brain. On careful analysis they found that the light gives the brain
intelligence and increases the IQ level. It prevents loss of memory
also. This was the secret behind the phenomenal memory of the Sahabaas
(ra) and they were able to memorize when the Prophet recited the Holy
Qur'an. They never forget anything.

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