Ar-Ruqyah-Khalid Al-Qahtani

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Violation Parameters of ruqyah-5
Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem

Assalam oalaikum,
Sometimes gullible people are fooled around by fake raqis. The raqis give them illogical advice such as:
Do not heat oil before applying it
Do not take a bath in the bathroom.
Do not use soap while taking a bath.
Listen to Qur'an recording while bathing.
All these are baseless claims that have nothing to do
with the ruqyah treatment.
Exploiting patients financially
Patients who consult such fake raqis end up paying through their nose for some water, oil, honey or herbs. Besides this, the raqis charge exorbitant sums for reciting on dining tables, water tanks, sprinkling some water in the corners of the patient’s house, look out for hidden magic amulets in the house and many such fake problems.
Ruqyah is a spiritual welfare prayer that requires discipline and respectability. Ideally speaking the raqi should first hear out the problem of the patient in order to diagnose his problem. Then, he should recite the prescribed religious texts. However, it has become a common practice in some ruqyah clinics to use loudspeakers and blow air on a group of patients together. This violates the Sunnah method of performing ruqyah. Such sessions are unfit for seeking help from Allah (swt) as they are in a state of chaos and confusion. In these sessions the personal problems of each patient are disclosed publicly and they may get unwanted publicity. The advantages of ruqyah that is performed in a group cannot be compared to those of ruqyah performed individually as the latter is a far more controlled method which is closer to the Sunnah method.
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Amel Soname


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