Recitation By Khaled bin Mohammad AlMajed

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10 Yunus (Jonah),سورة يونس

Islam’s important role in eradicating social evils - 6

Assalam oalaikum,
Besides the problem of female infanticide the position of women in Arab society was deplorable before Islam.
Women were regarded to be a source of disgrace in the society.
They had no right to inherit because of the Arab misconception that only the warriors, who are strong enough to protect their clan, deserve to inherit property.
Women were treated like a movable commodity.
There was no such law which prevented men from inflicting atrocities towards womenfolk
Women did not exercise the freedom of choosing their husband. Their consent in this matter was not given any importance.
Divorced women did not have the permission to remarry.
The pathetic condition of women during the pre-Islamic days prompted Hazrat Umar-ibn-Al-Khattab (ra), who was the second Caliph of Mulsim to say, ‘By Allah, we did not used to think that women had anything until Allah revealed about them what he revelaed in the Qur’an, and distributed to them what He distributed’.
(Bukhari # 4629 and Muslim # 31)
It is only Islam, the religion of peace, which raised the status of the women in society by providing them with spiritual, intellectual, economic, social rights to women. Though the western society portrays the Muslim women to be a deprived lot, yet the truth is just the reverse. It is the western women who have been made a slave by the men in their society. They are being cunningly exploited as sex-objects to sell commodities (as in commercials, promotional campaigns etc) under the garb of women’s liberation.

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amel soname

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