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Al-Mutaffifin (The Defrauding),سورة المطففين

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The advice of Hakim Luqman to his sons- (8)
Assalam oalaikum,
In the earlier posts we have discussed about Hakim Luqman’s advice to his son of abstaining from shirk, respecting one’s parents and understanding Allah’s Might and Omniscience.
His next advice to his son was of offering Salah regularly and being patient in adversities.
‘O my son! Establish regular prayer, enjoin what is just and forbid what is wrong: and bear with patience whatever befalls you; indeed (all) that is of matters (requiring) determination’ (TMQ-21:17)
In this verse Hakim Luqman has instructed his son to offer salah regularly. The importance and benefits of performing salah 5 times daily are many..
Here are some Quranic references and ahadith which establish the importance of namaz in the life of a Muslim:
‘And keep up prayer, surely prayer keep one away from indecency and evil. And the remembrance of Allah is the greatest’. (TMQ- Surah Ankabut: verse 45)

remember me in your prayers
amel soname

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