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19 Maryam (Mary),سورة مريم
27 An-Naml (The Ant, The Ants),سورة النمل
36 Ya-Seen (Ya-seen),سورة يس
38 Saad (The Letter Saad),سورة ص

The advice of Hakim Luqman to his sons (part-15)
Assalam oalaikum,
The next advice from Hakim-The wise to his son is:
‘Do not turn your cheek in scorn away from people, nor walk proudly on the earth’ Allah does not love the proud and the boastful’. (TMQ-31:18)
In the above mentioned verse Hakim Luqman has advised his son to be humble and gentle towards people instead of behaving in an arrogant and harsh way. Allah does not like immodest people so whoever behaves in an immodest way in this world will earn the wrath of Allah (swt) sooner or later.
Narrated Ibn Masud that Prophet Mohammad (saw) said: ‘No one who has got faith in his heart to the weight of a mustard seed shall enter the Fire and nobody who has got pride in his heart to the weight of a mustard seed shall enter Paradise’.
Allah (swt) has destroyed man nations because of their haughtiness. So man is too weak and vulnerable to behave proudly and the outcome of man’s vanity can lead him to the fire of hell. Hence, Hakim Luqman bestowed on his son the useful advice of being humble to his fellow-beings.

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