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Violation Parameters of ruqyah-3
Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem

Assalam oalaikum,

In certain ruqyah sessions the raqis make their patients sit in complete darkness. They make the patients smell certain fragrances and then ask them to close their eyes and let their imagination run loose. If the patients happen to imagine any particular person then the raqis accuse that person of having captivated the patient and having harmed him. This baseless accusation can create hard feelings and hatred between the patient and the person whom they imagine. These kinds of weird treatments can only be given by those raqis who are in contact with jinnat. This type of ruqya treatment is against Sunnah and should therefore be avoided. We should seek refuge in Allah from indulging in such practices.
Some of the ruqyah practitioners indulge in the wrong practice of writing certain Qur'anic verses on the patient's body in order to heal them. This method contravenes the Shari'a and the Sunnah because it not only humiliates the Qur'an verses but it is also tantamount to disbelief and blasphemy, in case that part of the body becomes filthy and impure.
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