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Quranic healing verses medical treatment?
Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem complement

Assalam oalaikum,

Allah (swt) says in the Holy Quran Chapter 17 Verse 82, “We sent down in the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss). This hadith throws light on the fact that the Holy Quran can heal us in a spiritual way.
Apart from the spiritual healing the importance of medical treatment has also been stressed upon in Islam.

Prophet Mohammad (saw) has encouraged people to seek medical treatment for ailments and he has taught many cures himself. He used to encourage the womenfolk of his household to gain knowledge of medicine from those who knew it. Prophet Mohammad (saw) had pitched a tent in the yard of his mosque, in Madina. A lady named Rufaidah was appointed by him to run it as a field hospital where the wounded could be nursed. (Tarikh at-Tabari)
In an authentic hadith, Prophet Mohammad (saw) says: "Yes, servants of God! Seek medical treatment". He also urged the doctors to make an attempt to identify cures and to pursue the essential scientific research for this purpose. In another authentic hadith the Prophet (saw) says: "Allah has not created a disease without creating a cure for it, which may be known to some and unknown to others".
Prophet Mohammad (saw) was once asked: "Do our supplication, medication and methods of prevention prevent anything that Allah (swt) has willed?" He replied: "These are also part of Allah’s will". This makes it amply clear that one aspect of Allah’s can be prevented by another. Although disease occurs by God’s will, every Muslim is commanded to try to protect himself against it utilizing methods of prevention which also work by God’s will.
The above mentioned ahadith clearly show us that spiritual/Quranic and medical treatment do not contradict each other but complement each other. Therefore, the Muslims should try to balance the use of modern medicine with Quranic prayers or ruqyah, which is a practice endorsed by our beloved Prophet Mohammad (saw).

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nabil adjroud said...

j'aime rekyah with. sedaissi

Anonymous said...

ya sheikh sudais salam to you . ya sheikh marhaba . shokran for abdul rahman sudais ruqyah

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shahid said...

As salam allaykom i have download ruqyah sudais mp3 . i have a question is this all ruqyah verse what in mentioned in the sudais ruqyah or do i need to download the hole ruqyah verses . please explain thank you

shabana said...

one sheikh told me that mp3 ruqyah remove black magic and evil effects in body . i ma listening on daily but i don,t know how many day do i have to listen . can any one explain me how to cure evil and black magic by our self please explain here thank you

Anonymous said...

dear sheikh abdul rahman sudais i have request to you please . ya sheikh i have a problem please when you lead namaz in holy mecca dear sheikh please pray for me please imam e kaba its a humble request to you please please pray for me for good wealth and good career

aziz said...

salam sudais bhai when i will come to mecca inshallah i belive i will meet you and shake hand with you i love sudais your quran recitation its very very good i don,t have words but brother you are one of my great imam sahib

Anonymous said...

Assallam to all Muslimeen, Peace and blessing of Allah. Sheikh Abdulrahman Al Sudais is the famous and very good and greatest when i listen Qur'an recitation with his audio mp3 quran. which I play daily basis . When I'm playing, I memorize and follow qruan. In fact I can confidently tell you that this he help me to love islam and quran . May Allah Allah bestow his blessings on him and continue to increase his deen e islam knowledge so that every muslim all over the world across the length and breadth of the world benefit from him. Assalamu Aleykum.

muhammad ali said...

salam . I do same thing, I have Quran that is in Arabic language and its in audio mp3 quran by sudais I don't know Arabic but I can understand the Recitations that are posted by sheikh abdul rahman sudais ruqyah in your site they are wonderful. May Allah grant him Jannah.

jamal said...

AS salam o alaykum to my dear sheikh . i have listen your beautiful voice i wanna thank you and also i want to thank you to this website owner who is providing free mp3 quran and ruqyah sharai in mp3

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum ya sheikh ya ustaadhi I always listen to your beautiful recitation Allah subhanawataala make our grant our children this beautiful gift of memorizing the holy quraan AMEEN Request for duas. shukran maasalaam.

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