Surah Al Araf

Surah Al-An'am

As salamu allaiqum

Surah Al-An'am is the 6th chapter of quran . this surah meaning is the cattle .

(Arabic: سورة الأنعام‎, this surah has 165 verses . 20 rukuh .this surah is belong to

prophet abrahim . surah al anaam is

mecca surah. This surah it takes its own name in vv. 136, 138 and 139. In this

surah mainly discusses . Islamic Creed: Toohid, Life-after-death, Prophethood

and their practical application to human life. Side by side with this hadith

Al-Awfi, Ikrimah and Ata said that Ibn Abbas said,

"Surah Al-An`am was revealed in Makkah.''

At-Tabarani recorded that Ibn Abbas said,

"All of Surah Al-An`am was revealed in Makkah at night, accompanied by seventy

thousand angels, raising their voices in glorification of Allah.''

As-Suddi said that Murrah said that Abdullah said,

"Surah Al-An`am was revealed in the company of seventy thousand angels.''

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