Surah fatiha

Surah fatiha

As salamu allaiqum

Surah fatiha is in Quran first chapter. It has 7 verses. 29 words and 139 letters. surah fatiha meaning the opening . bismillah is the first aiyat of surah fateha . this verse apper at start of every chapter in quran kareem . surah fateha is necessary in namaz . There is many name of surah fatiha

Some people they call surah fatiha . alfatiha , surah fateha . alhamd , alhamd shareef .

Al-Fatiha, the Opening
Ummul Qur`aan, the Mother of the Qur`aan
Ummul Kitaab, the Mother of the Book
Sab`ul Mathaanee, the Seven Oft Repeated Verses
al-Qur`aan al-Adheem, the Great Qur`aan
al-Hamd, the Praise
as-Salaah, the Prayer
ash-Shifaa`, the Cure
ar-Ruqya, the Spiritual Cure
al-Waaqiyah, the Protector
al-Kaafiyah, the Sufficient
al-Kanz, the Treasure

al-Asas (The Foundation)

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