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Zakat- The third Pillar of Islam (1)
Assalam oalaikum,

Zakat is an Islamic institution which provides social welfare for the Muslims. It means growth and purification of one’s wealth.
A Muslim has to calculate two and a half percent of his capital annually and dole out that amount as zakat. Just like knowledge increases by spreading it, donating blood has its own health benefits, pruning of plants encourages new growth similarly, similarly giving zakat also has its own benefits.
Here are some Quranic verses and ahadith which establish the importance of zakat in Islam.
‘Those who hoard up treasures of gold and silver and spend them not in the way of Allah, give them the news of painful punishment, on the day when that wealth will be burnt in fire of hell and with it will be branded their forehead, their sides and their backs, and it will be said to them, ‘This is the treasure which you hoarded for yourselves. Now taste of what you used to hoard.’ (TMQ-9:34-35)
It is quite evident that giving zakat is beneficial for all the Muslims. It increases the wealth of the rich and provides help to the poor. It is a means of keeping the cash flowing in the society. Therefore, Allah (swt) has strictly forbidden hoarding of wealth to fulfill one’s own selfish interests. Instead, He has commanded the rich to help the weaker sections of the Muslim society

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1 Al-Fatiha (The Opening), سورة الفاتحة
2 Al-Baqara (The Cow), سورة البقرة
3 Al-Imran (The Family of Imran),سورة آل عمران
4 An-Nisa (The Women),سورة النساء
5 Al-Ma'ida (The Table),سورة المائدة
6 Al-An'am (The Cattle),سورة الأنعام
7 Al-A'raf (The Heights),سورة الأعراف
10 Yunus (Jonah),سورة يونس
11 Hud (Hud),سورة هود
12 Yusuf (Joseph),سورة يوسف
13 Ar-Ra'd (The Thunder), سورة الرعد
14 Ibrahim (Abraham),سورة ابراهيم
15 Al-Hijr (The Stoneland, The Rock City),سورة الحجر
16 An-Nahl (The Bee), سورة النحل
17 Al-Isra (Night Journey,Children of Israel), سورة الإسراء
18 Al-Kahf (The Cave),سورة الكهف
19 Maryam (Mary),سورة مريم
20 Ta-Ha (Ta-Ha),سورة طه
21 Al-Anbiya (The Prophets),سورة الأنبياء
22 Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage, The Hajj),سورة الحج
23 Al-Muminun (The Believers),سورة المؤمنون
24 An-Noor (The Light),سورة النور
25 Al-Furqan (The Criterion),سورة الفرقان
26 Ash-Shu'ara (The Poets),سورة الشعراء
29 Al-Ankabut (The Spider),سورة العنكبوت
30 Ar-Rum (The Romans),سورة الروم
31 Luqman (Luqman),سورة لقمان
39 Az-Zumar (The Troops, Throngs),سورة الزمر
40 Ghafir (The Forgiver),سورة غافر
41 Fussilat (Explained In Detail),سورة فصلت
42 Ash-Shura (Council, Consultation),سورة الشورى
43 Az-Zukhruf (Ornaments Of Gold),سورة الزخرف
44 Ad-Dukhan (Smoke),سورة الدخان
47 Muhammad (Muhammad),سورة محمد
50 Qaf (The Letter Qaf),سورة ق
51 Adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds),سورة الذاريات
52 At-Tur (The Mount),سورة الطور
53 An-Najm (The Star),سورة النجم
54 Al-Qamar (The Moon),سورة القمر
55 Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent, The Mercy Giving),سورة الرحمن
56 Al-Waqia (The Event, The Inevitable),سورة الواقعة
57 Al-Hadid (The Iron), سورة الحديد
67 Al-Mulk (The Sovereignty),سورة الملك
68 Al-Qalam (The Pen),سورة القلم
69 Al-Haaqqah (The Reality),سورة الحاقة
70 Al-Maarij (The Ascending Stairways),سورة المعارج
71 Nuh (Nooh),سورة نوح
72 Al-Jinn (The Jinn),سورة الجن
73 Al-Muzzammil (The Enshrouded One),سورة المزمل
74 Al-Muddaththir (The Man Wearing A Cloak),سورة المدثر
75 Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection),سورة القيامة
76 Al-Insan (The Man),سورة الإنسان
77 Al-Mursalat (The Emissaries),سورة المرسلات
78 An-Naba (The Tidings),سورة النبأ
79 An-Naziat (Those Who Drag Forth),سورة النازعات
80 Abasa (He Frowned),سورة عبس
81 At-Takwir (The Overthrowing),سورة التكوير
82 Al-Infitar (The Cleaving),سورة الإنفطار
83 Al-Mutaffifin (The Defrauding),سورة المطففين
84 Al-Inshiqaq (The Sundering),سورة الإنشقاق
85 Al-Burooj (The Mansions Of The Stars),سورة الإنشقاق
86 At-Tariq (The Nightcomer),سورة الطارق
87 Al-Ala (The Most High),سورة الأعلى
88 Al-Ghashiyah (The Overwhelming),سورة الغاشية
89 Al-Fajr (The Dawn),سورة الفجر
90 Al-Balad (The City),سورة البلد
91 Ash-Shams (The Sun),سورة الشمس
92 Al-Lail (The Night),سورة الليل
93 Ad-Dhuha (The Morning Hours),سورة الضحى
94 Al-Inshirah (The Relief),سورة الشرح
95 At-Tin (The Fig, The Figtree),سورة التين
96 Al-Alaq (The Clot, Recite),سورة العلق
97 Al-Qadr (Power, Fate),سورة القدر
98 Al-Bayyina (The Clear Proof),سورة البينة
99 Az-Zalzalah (The Earthquake),سورة الزلزلة
100 Al-Adiyat (The Courser),سورة العاديات
101 Al-Qaria (The Calamity),سورة القارعة
102 At-Takathur (The Piling Up, Competition),سورة التكاثر
103 Al-Asr (The Declining Day),سورة العصر
104 Al-Humaza (The Traducer),سورة الهمزة
105 Al-Fil (The Elephant),سورة الفيل
106 Quraish (Quraish),سورة قريش
107 Al-Ma'un (The Small Kindnesses),سورة الماعون
108 Al-Kawthar (Abundance, Plenty),سورة الكوثر
109 Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers),سورة الكافرون
110 An-Nasr (Succour, Divine Support),سورة النصر
111 Al-Masad (The Palm Fibre),سورة المسد
112 Al-Ikhlas (Sincerity),سورة الإخلاص
113 Al-Falaq (The Daybreak, Dawn),سورة الفلق
114 Al-Nas (Mankind),سورة الناس

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Assalamu'alaikum brother and jazakAllah khairan for updating such amazing recitation.
Unfortunately there are some surahs missing in the list.
I have managed to collect 93 surahs by Sheikh Idrees Abkar and looking for the rest. Please do upload them ASAP u find them inshallah. Jzk

Aachi said...

Assalamu alaikum yaa ahi jazaakallahu khairan

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رائع جزاكم الله عنا كل خير ووفاكم ما تحبون

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brother can you tell me which surah is missing of idress akbar

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mashallah sheikh i have listen mp3 quran in your recording . idress abkar salam

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Asalamu Alaikum warahmatuallahi wabarahkahtuhu,
First time when i heard sheikh idris abkar quran in mp3 on youtube since i have become a big fan of his quran recitation , May Allaah reward him Insh'Allaah and protect him , Amin!
good-day, Fi Aman'Allaah!

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abid said...

mashallah sheikh you are my favorite quran reciter i love to listen idriss abkar quran recitation and i want to read quran like you . jazakallah khair sheikh idris abkar

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Inshallah next ramand i wll be pray behind of Shikh idress abker in abudhabi according his new time sheet .any one interest just see his social website. tnx Allah bless you all and belive shikh idress abker

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