Ruqya Jalali Mokelat Recitation

Assalam o alaikum ,

If someone has become a constant victim of a magician who keep casting spells on him and keeps sending his devils to jeopardize the victim’s life then i am telling about jalaali (very powerful) amal. The victim should download this recording of the amal in his PC, mobile, MP3 player etc and listen to his non-stop till 2-3 hours daily. Since this is a very powerful amal so one should only listen to it and not repeat it. If the victim tries to read it himself and then falls into some trouble then he will be responsible for his woes. Whenever one senses any of the signs of black magic, so playing the recording for 2-3 hours will do the needful and Inshallah all plans of the magician will be thwarted.

download click here

jalali mokelat recitation.mp3

remember me in your prayers,
Amel Soname,

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